Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to one's own mind, inviting oneself to be in the present moment without judgement. The intention behind mindful awareness is to bring ones focus into the present moment, increase awareness of breath and body in effort to quiet the mind and increase overall mental and physical wellbeing. This concept might sound easy, however it can be very challenging.

A mindfulness practice often consists of breath awareness, meditative movement and/or guided visualizations. There are numerous benefits to a mindfulness practice. People have been practicing mindfulness for centuries as part of various spiritual practices. The medical community, after many years of research, recognizes the positive benefits of breath awareness and mindfulness to address emotional, mental and physical ailments.

(Read more about my approach to mindfulness and stress connection.)


Mindfulness Meditation Guided Visualizations

3-minute belly breath exercise

(length: 3:54)
This short guided visualization walks you through intentional belly breathing. This exercise stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system which brings relaxation to your autonomic nervous system and decreases heart rate. Three-minutes of belly breathing can reset the nervous system. You might need to repeat this exercise if you are feeling very stressed.

Progressive Relaxation

(length: 14:36)
This guided visualization supports the deep relaxation and resting that is necessary for recuperation and sleep. Using a biofeedback approach you will tighten muscle groups and then relax them. This exercise helps people find a deeper state of relaxation. At the end of this guided visualization you might be so relaxed you may fall asleep.

Nervous System Guided Visualization

(length: 12:52)
This guided visualization starts with breath awareness and walks you systematically through the major components of the autonomic nervous system, which regulates heart rate, respiration, digestion, and other bodily functions. Relaxing and integrating the mind, heart, and belly will aid in the integration and regulation of the nervous system and support health to the mind and body.

Movement meditation

(length: 9:16)
This guided movement mediation combines breath awareness, movement, and imagery to support relaxation to the mind and body. By combining breath, movement and imagery/metaphor you will support and strengthen associations of soothing, support, and protection in the memory of the brain, mind and body.

River of integration and healing garden (nervous system and Sjögren's syndrome)

(length: 13:41)
This guided mediation incorporates breath awareness, relaxation and recalibrating systems of the autonomic nervous system that are hyper-alert and triggering the sympathetic nervous system. Systems that are triggered regularly in such away may result in symptoms of auto immune disorders such as Sjögren's syndrome. This guided visualization intentionally walks you through a state of flow and integration. Increased flow supports health and well being.